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Computer forensics expert in Chesterfield assisting clients with civil and criminal cases. Digital forensics for attorneys handling civil and criminal cases.


Below, we’ll take a look into Chesterfield Computer Forensics expert assistance for cases. In Chesterfield, the Courts often listen to expert witness testimony in the field of digital forensics. In criminal cases, the Commowealth's attorney may present a cyber forensics expert who may be employed by the police or the Attorney General. In turn, the defense may (or should) have its own expert to assist the defense attorney in presenting a defense and explaining to the Judge and/or jury some of the complexities involved in digital evidence to raise reasonable doubt.

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Some examples of criminal cases normally requiring the assistance of a Chesterfield digital forensics expert include:

  • Computer fraud under Va. Code Sec. 18.2-152.3 charges in Chesterfield.
  • Computer trespass under Va. Code Sec. 18.2-152.4 or violations of the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 USC 1030, which may be charged in Chesterfield or at the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia
  • 18.2-374.3 Use of communications devices to facilitate offenses involving minors also known as computer solicitaion of a minor in Chesterfield
  • Possession, distribution of child pornography under Va. Code Sec. 18.2-374.1.1
  • Internet identity theft and aggravated identity theft or violation of the Virginia Computer crime statutes
  • Unauthorized transmission of bulk or unsolicited email (SPAM) under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act
  • Cyber stalking, computer harassment.

In civil litigation in the Chesterfield Courts, a forensics expert for a party examines the evidence in the case and may present a report with findings for the attorneys or the Court.
Some civil litigation cases in Chesterfield where a digital forensics expert may assist include:

  • Employee misappropriation - Sometimes occurs when an employee leaves his/her employer to start a competing company and engages in unauthorized access, taking, and use of the former employer's sensitive data.
  • Civil negligence and tort cases in Chesterfield where the use of a computer device or data residing in the device has to be obtained or authenticated.
  • Unathorized access to a computer device (hacking) or exceeding authorization
  • Computer fraud

Chesterfield Mobile Device Digital Forensics

Most cases where electronic evidence is at issue today will involve the analysis of mobile devices.

Chesterfield Court Expert Witness in Digital Forensics

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Chesterfield Computer Forensics Cases

These are some cases decided in Chesterfield where computer forensics played an important part. This list is being periodically updated.

HARRISON v. COMMONWEALTH of Virginia Court of Appeals, OCTOBER 13, 2015 - Defense counsel filed a post-trial motion to set aside the verdict, alleging a violation of his due process rights. Apparently the prosecution agreed to nolle prosequi or dismiss the charges if the defendant received treatment. As a result, the defendant did not hire a computer forensics expert to retrieve recently deleted electronic communications from the complainant to the defendant. The defense argued that the digital evidence was essential to the defense.

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